Move and the Way Will Open - Buddha Necklace

"Move and the way will open."
- Buddha



Sterling Silver pendant on 18" Sterling Silver chain
Pendant Measures: 1" x 1"
Necklace is presented with literature about the quote.
Handmade in USA

This ‘Move and the Way Will Open’ necklace by Laurel Elliott DVB is a subtle daily reminder to press forward, even through the hardest times. The necklace has a 1” x 1” diamond shaped sterling silver pendant with matching 18” sterling silver chain.

The pendant features organic openings and the quote, “Move and the way will open,” (Buddha) meanders up one side.
The quote from Buddha is a message of perseverance -- no matter the current circumstances, if you just continue on those circumstances are bound to change. So as long as you keep on moving positively, the road you are meant to travel and the opportunities that are meant for you will open before you."

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